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Division: English Language Teaching
Pub Date: JAN-10
Copyright: JAN-10

Mega Goal



About the Series

MegaGoal is a dynamic American English series for international communication designed for teenagers and young adults that takes students from absolute beginners to high-intermediate level. The Intro level plus Books 1-6 integrate the four skills, present the grammar in context, and help students develop natural conversation. With eye-catching art and high-interest topics MegaGoal is easy and enjoyable to teach and to learn from.
Key Features

  • Unit openers, enhanced by attractive and contemporary illustrations, help students make visual connections and retain the new language.
  • Units are thematic and contain high-interest topics that relate to students' age and interests.
  • A consistent unit format makes navigation clear and predictable.
  • The Grammar section offers succinct explanations, followed by activities that reinforce the grammar points presented.
  • Interactive Conversations allow students to choose or make up their own endings.
  • Vocabulary development and inclusion of everyday expressions are explained in the Real Talk feature.
  • Sections on Pronunciation, Listening, and Writing are included in each unit.
  • Reading and Projects at the end of each unit allow students to experience real world situations.
  • Commercial-quality songs enable students to expand their language in a pleasant way.
  • Learning strategies and critical thinking skills.
  • Humor and cross-cultural aspects and values are present throughout the series.



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