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ISBN: 9780071751933 / 0071751939
Division: Professional & Medical
Pub Date: DEC-10
Pages: 256

Copyright: 2011
Edition: 1
Format: Paperback
Managing Your Manager: How to Get Ahead with Any Type of Boss

Gonzague Dufour



Learn how to effectively work with even the most difficult boss-and instantly position yourself for success
  • Shows how to become a strong leader by carefully observing the positives and negatives of other management styles
  • Includes a “lessons learned” section as well as advice in the form of lists and adages
  • Timely advice—With fewer jobs available, people have to learn to find success in their current situations.

About the book

Learn Everything You Can From Every Type of Boss

Managers come in all varieties, and unfortunately you don't get to choose your preference. Too often, we find ourselves working for people who are tough to work for, difficult to "decode," or brilliant but inaccessible. Managing Your Manager is the answer to dealing with a problematic supervisor.

Placing manager "types" into real-world categories--from the Bully, Scientist, and Star to the Geek, Parent, and Con Artist--it provides everything you need to make your work life more satisfying and productive. Managing Your Manager gives you the tools to:
  • Categorize your boss based on telling traits
  • Create a solid working relationship
  • Avoid common pitfalls associated with certain types
  • Become a strong leader based on lessons learned from various bosses

Managers of all types can provide invaluable learning experiences that can enhance your career. Managing Your Manager empowers you with the knowledge, skills, and savvy for dealing with any type of boss and excelling in your job.

About the author

Gonzague Dufour is a human resources executive who has held senior positions with top companies such as Phillip Morris, Kraft, Jacobs Suchard, and other large consulting firms.

Table of contents

INTRODUCTION; Chapter 1. The MicroManager; Chapter 2. The Risk Averse; Chapter 3. The Kaleidoscope; Chapter 4. The Firecracker; Chapter 5. The Dreamer; Chapter 6. The Egotist; Chapter 7. The 7th Leader



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