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ISBN: 9780078029165 / 0078029163
Division: Higher Education
Pub Date: MAR-12
Pages: 880

Copyright: 2013
Edition: 6
Format: Paperback
Human Resource Management

H. John Bernardin


About the book

The Sixth Edition of Human Resource Management focuses on the enhancement of personal competencies while providing a theoretical and experiential approach to the study of human resource management (HRM). The authors provide the conceptual background and content necessary to understand the relevant issues in HRM, along with individual and group exercises that require the application of chapter content to specific problems designed to develop critical personal competencies. Students 'learn by doing' by participating in experiential exercises that require the application of HRM knowledge expected of practicing managers and HR generalists.
Key features

  • Critical Thinking Exercises cover some of the most important issues of the day, including the development of an anti-terrorism policy and procedure and whether a company should adopt a binding arbitration agreement for all employees.
  • Exercises and discussion questions which require the student to consider equal employment opportunity laws in particular HRM contexts can still be found throughout the text.
  • A strong emphasis is placed on the implications of HRM issues and policies for general managers who apply HRM policy but also who have a profound effect on the success or failure of HRM.
  • Greater attention is paid to the implications of HRM for small business, where all HRM functions may rest with personnel also performing a myriad of other small business activities and with no formal training in HRM.
  • An extra effort has been made to simplify and improve the writing and the transitions from chapter to chapter. This text remains the only HR book that attempts to directly link student learning experiences in HRM with assessed competencies judged by experts to be essential for graduating business students.
  • The most significant and contentious issues of the day are considered head-on in this text. For example, among the controversial topics covered in experiential exercises are ethnic score differences on employee screening devices, affirmative action programs and preferential treatment, the outsourcing of work overseas, binding arbitration agreements, illegal immigration, sexual harassment policies, employment-at-will, random drug testing with no probable cause, smoking in the workplace, CEO and executive compensation, equal pay for work of comparable worth, and labor relations legislation.
  • Technology has been integrated into the discussion of each major HRM function in which technology has had a profound impact. For example: considerable space is devoted to the online revolution in personnel recruitment and selection and the role of the Internet and HR software in HR functions.
  • There is an emphasis on globalization and international business to match its increased importance to the HRM function. An entire chapter (2) is now devoted to global issues and the authors maintain discussion of international issues as they relate to each functional HR issue.
  • Correlation Guide:

    This convenient guide matches the units in Annual Editions: Human Resources 12/13 with the corresponding chapters in four of our best-selling McGraw-Hill Human Resource textbooks by Noe et al., Bernardin, Cascio, and Ivancevich/Konopaske.

  • Correlation Guide:

    This convenient guide matches the issues in Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Human Resource Management with the corresponding chapters in four of our best-selling McGraw-Hill Human Resource textbooks by Noe et al., Cascio, Bernardin, and Ivancevich/Konopaske.

  • About the author

    H. John Bernardin
    H. John Bernardin is University Professor of Research in the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University. He is the coeditor of the Human Resource Management Review and has authored and edited 4 books and over 100 articles. Professor Bernardin is the former chair of the Division of Personnel/Human Resources of the National Academy of Management.

    Table of contents

    Part 1: Human Resource Management and the Environment
    Chapter 1: Strategic Human Resource Management in a Changing Environment
    Chapter 2: The Role of Globalization in HR Policy and Practice
    Chapter 3: The Legal Environment of HRM: Equal Employment Opportunity

    Part 2: Acquiring Human Resource Capability
    Chapter 4: Work Analysis and Design
    Chapter 5: Human Resource Planning and Recruitment
    Chapter 6: Personnel Selection

    Part 3: Developing Human Resource Capability
    Chapter 7: Performance Management and Appraisal
    Chapter 8: Training and Development
    Chapter 9: Career Development

    Part 4: Compensating and Managing Human Resources
    Chapter 10: Compensation: Base Pay and Fringe Benefits
    Chapter 11: Rewarding Performance
    Chapter 12: Managing the Employment Relationship
    Chapter 13: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
    Chapter 14: Employee Health and Safety

    Appendix A: Critical Thinking Applications
    Appendix B: Chapter Exercises
    Appendix C: Assessment Guidelines for Self, Peer, and Designated



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