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ISBN: 9780078029479 / 0078029473
Division: Higher Education
Pub Date: FEB-13
Pages: 592

Copyright: 2014
Edition: 14
Format: Hardback
Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy

Anne Lawrence, James Weber


About the book

Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy, 14e by Lawrence and Weber has continued through several successive author teams to be the market-leader in its field. This new edition highlights why government regulation is sometimes required as well as new models of business-community collaboration. The authors believe that businesses have social (as well as economic) responsibilities to society; that business and government both have important roles to play in the modern economy; and that ethics and integrity are essential to personal fulfillment and to business success. In addition, this textbook has long been popular with students because of its lively writing, up-to-date examples, and clear explanations of theory.
Key features

  • Completely revised and update to reflect the latest theoretical work in the field and the latest statistical data, as well as recent events.
  • New discussion of theoretical advances in stakeholder theory, social and environmental entrepreneurship, corporate citizenship, public affairs management, corporate governance, corporate social auditing, social investing, reputation management, business partnerships, and corporate philanthropy.
  • Treatment of practical issues, such as social networking, digital medical records, bottom of the pyramid, social entrepreneurship, political advertising and campaign contributions, as well as the latest developments in the regulatory environment in which businesses operate, including the Dodd-Frank Act and the Affordable Care Act.
  • New discussion cases and full-length cases on topics, such as, conditions in Apple’s Chinese supplier factories, the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, conflict minerals in cell phones, child sexual abuse in the global hotel industry, online piracy, Chiquita Brands in Latin America, working with bloggers in marketing, the campaign for clean cookstoves, the shareholder “say on pay” vote at Citigroup, the controversy over “pink slime,” and undocumented immigrants in the workforce.
  • The fourteenth edition articulates the view that in a global community, where traditional buffers no longer protect business from external change, managers can create strategies that integrate stakeholder interests, respect personal values, support community development, and are implemented fairly. Most important, businesses can achieve these goals while also being economically successful. This may be the only way to achieve economic success over the long term.
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  • Full Suite of Instructor Resources, including a complete IRM with answers to all case questions and extensive teaching tips; PBS videos in DVD format; a test bank; and power point slides developed especially for this edition by an experienced instructor, in consultation with the authors.
  • Lively writing, up-to-date examples, and clear explanations of theory make this the book by choice for students. Many features to assist student learning are also provided, including learning objectives, lists of key terms, clear figures and exhibits, a complete glossary, and self-study questions.
  • A complete comprehensive view from authors Anne T. Lawrence and James Weber who bring a broad background of business and society research, teaching, consulting, and case development to the ongoing evolution of this text.
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  • Table of contents

    Chapter 1: The Corporation and Its Stakeholders
    Chapter 2: Managing Public Issues and Stakeholder Relationships
    Chapter 3: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Chapter 4: Ethics and Ethical Reasoning
    Chapter 5: Organizational Ethics and the Law
    Chapter 6: The Challenges of Globalization
    Chapter 7: Global Corporate Citizenship
    Chapter 8: Business-Government Relations
    Chapter 9: Influencing the Political Environment
    Chapter 10: Ecology and Sustainable Development in Global Business
    Chapter 11: Managing Environmental Issues
    Chapter 12: Technology, Organizations, and Society
    Chapter 13: Managing Technology and Innovation
    Chapter 14: Stockholder Rights and Corporate Governance
    Chapter 15: Consumer Protection
    Chapter 16: Employees and the Corporation
    Chapter 17: Managing a Diverse Workforce
    Chapter 18: The Community and the Corporation
    Chapter 19: Managing Public Relations
    Cases in Business and Society: 1. The Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster
    2. The Carlson Company and Protecting Children in the Global Tourism Industry
    3. Carolina Pad and the Mommy Bloggers
    4. Moody’s Credit Ratings and the Subprime Mortgage Meltdown
    5. Merck, the FDA, and the Vioxx Recall
    6. Kimpton Hotel’s EarthCare Program
    7. Ventria Biosciences and the Controversy over Plant-Made Medicines
    8. The Solidarity Fund and Gildan Activewear
    9. Mattel and Toy Safety



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